Part 6 ~ Bentonville ~ We Have Arrived!

Well, we were finally in Bentonville, Arkansas.  The trip from Alma to Bentonville was only about an hour, but I’m telling you, we made it in record time. Up at the before crack of dawn, packed and on the road before we are usually finished with breakfast.   Mostly because Zach was a tad bit excited about the Amped Electric Games Or maybe it was the hype about the trails in the area

Word has it that the Walton Family puts a lot of money into the area, since Rogers is the birthplace of WalMart.  And the Walton grandsons love mountain biking.  So the trails are amazing and well kept!

Just a little preview of Zach in his race gear!  I’ll get to the Games in a bit!

Our first stop though, was Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art.  I’m such a sucker for outdoor art!  Especially things that are larger than life!!

I loved the trails here!  Very easy to walk on, even if we got “lost” a few times.  We get sidetracked easily, so we go off course a lot

More Pics Here

Birthday Celebration

So now we come to my Birthday!  I was celebrating my 50th!  I’m not much for Birthday celebrations, but I wanted to do something.  So I left Zach in charge of the plans.

He did great!  Our first stop on the Birthday Excursion was War Eagle Caverns.  It was a walk through, and had some “you have to duck really far under one spot, but you should make it” areas that made me want to kick Zach (kidding, but I really do hate small spaces)

So our next stop was for food, of course ๐Ÿ™‚   I had an inbox FULL of FREE food for my Birthday and I was aiming to get the Krispy Kreme Donuts!!   They give you a FREE DOZEN!!  Glazed, of course. But you can plan it for when that Hot ‘N Fresh sign is ON!   They melt in your mouth!!  You can check out my page for Birthday Freebies , there are over 250 of them, so have at it!


The rest of the day we spent together. In between and after the cavern and the donuts, we hit a bunch of thrift stores and nurseries, my two favorite places to wander around.  We also spent time hanging out in the bus, eating donuts   He made me a wonderful dinner (BLT’s, my favorite and requested, don’t judge me ). 

It was an awesome Birthday that I wanted to half share, half keep to myself!   And honestly, it’s just a day!  We make everyday awesome!

And now for the main event…

And now what Zach had been waiting for, and what I had been hearing on Live Streams from the Founder of the Amped Electric Games for weeks

It was a full week of riding, whether on pavement racing, or on the trails, also racing ๐Ÿ˜€  .  I don’t ride, so I baked all week!  Kept the riders full of sweets! 

We saw riders who could do amazing things with one wheel, people going faster than fast, and a rider jump a bus

There were all levels of riders, from beginners to advanced! All willing to teach, and all willing to learn.  It’s definitely the place to go if you want to check out what the EUC World is all about.

These videos below are of Zach at the Thunderdome Mountain Bike Trail in Coler Mountain Bike Preserve,  where the off-road races were held.  This portion of the event had been postponed for a few days due to heavy rains, closing down the trails. 

Zach’s Heats

Here is a gallery of Pics and videos from the week at Amped. (click on the little pic of Zach below)  Some are mine or Zach’s, some are from the other riders!  It was a pretty amazing week, I saw so many different styles of riding!  Does it make me want to get on one??  Not quite…..

And after a few weeks in the Bentonville area, it was time for us to move on.   We had no game plan from here, so we just headed south to go check out Hot Springs and Mt Ida!  We were interested in doing some rockhounding and found these places were pretty active in that aspect!

Till Next Time!

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