Propagation Stations ~ Tiny Space

At some point in time, I lost control of the propagation stations, or lack thereof.  But propagation stations ~ tiny space = imagination!  There were random things with water in them pretty much everywhere.  They fell over during travel because they were forgotten in the mix, we’ve knocked them over, the cats knocked them over.   It was a watery mess a LOT of the time.

So Zach and I came up with some fixed stations that house more than one propagation at a time.    We still have a few that are in random bottles, but most are just about ready for dirt, so moving them to a permanent prop station seems silly.

My goal is to have all my prop stations in a place where they don’t have to relocate during travel days.   So they need to be attached to something.

It’s all a work in progress, but we’ve had success so far with these stations traveling well with water in them.   I leave space at the top anyway, and never had a drop spill out.

So first up, is my Ice Cream Station.  This one is my favorite   It is almost exclusively filled with Hoya cuttings (Zach has a Hoya problem).  The one sole difference is my Wandering Dude cutting!   It was a candle holder (I wish I took before pics)

But even though I did not take before pics, I DID manage to find the exact same one online, and that is what this pic is!


I used ceramic ice cream cones that I found in a unique shop in Alma, Arkansas (A To Z Gifts & More).  I only found 5, so I had to improvise with the last one (I call it the sundae cup)!




Cut one leg off completely. Cut the foot off the other leg and drilled a hole into a piece of wood to set the leg into.  Then attached the piece of wood to the wall.



I also have this one that Zach created for me.  We found 3 of the 4 glasses at one thrift store and the fourth at another!

Empty And Full

We found these trays at a thrift store for 50¢ for both (no clue what they are/were, someone thought an insert for an instapot, but i really don’t know!)  I didn’t know what exactly to do with them, so I started with just the bottom for about a minute.   Added the cut foam in so the plants had a place to prop themselves on while they were rooting in water.   Then I got the idea to cut one of my walking sticks in a few pieces, used one piece to attach these 2 trays together.   I used the other two pieces to make hanging herb drying racks (post to come later)


And just some random prop stations.   These are the ones I still need to move.   In the end, it’s a lot less than I had going on before.   And I’ve stopped propping outdoor plants, so my needs are far less at the moment.  I have all of my glassware, prop stations and all that stuff put away in totes.  I’m sure I will use all of them in rotation again  😀


As always in bus life, it’s a work in progress.  But I do have to say that with each change we make, our ready to travel time decreases.  It no longer takes me an hour to prep the front of the bus!  I’m down to about 15 minutes!  Next on the chopping block is the awful overfilled bathtub during travel!   When we travel for multiple days, it drives me batty

Propagation Stations ~ Tiny Space


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