Part 8 ~ Will We Ever Leave Arkansas?

Will we manage to Leave Arkansas??

Well, we were still in Arkansas!  We actually love the state, so why try and leave Arkansas?  Being travelers, we like to move around.  Being in one state for this long ….

Here’s the deal…

We travel in the bus… but we pull a vehicle also! From the start it was a 1991 Ford Ranger …  Zach also had a Dodge pickup that was parked at a friends house in Georgia. Only need one vehicle, so Zach had to make the decision on which truck to keep.  For many reasons, he chose the Dodge. 

So now comes the swap. Zach needed to sell the ranger and pick up the dodge, however that worked out. Well, it worked out perfectly that the friend who was housing the dodge, wanted to buy the Ranger.  

Solo Road Trip for Zach. Or was it ?

Nah, he took our dog Louie for the ride. He’s a good companion on the road. Or mostly he sleeps and ya talk to yourself, but he’s there for you to pull over and walk him. And stops on a road trip aren’t always bad!

Road Trippin’ It

So, 850ish miles one way. I didn’t envy him. I don’t mind road trips, but not by myself! 

He did it in 48 hours.

That gave me 48 hours to totally reorganize the under floor storage in the bus! It was just a mess! I bake a lot, I mean A LOT, so I have lots of supplies. I also really love to cook, so lots of stuff for that too.  I knew the one compartment was all on me, but the other 2 were Zach’s areas of WHAT THE ….???


I got so much organized, that I did the entire front of the bus. Closet, above the bathroom, drawers, cabinets and under the floor. Once I got started, it was actually easy to organize! 

The first pic is completely done, and while there is room for improvement, I fit every baking and cooking need in that space. Everything in a findable location! Always a work in progress!


Back to Zach and his 1600 mile marathon run in 2 days. All went well! He got back and he thought Jemma (our other dog) would be thrilled to see him, but it was Louie she was excited to see. She did zoomies for that boy

Spent some more time exploring Mt Ida when Zach got back! After that, we really didn’t have a game plan, so we didn’t rush leaving!  Looked at trails, did some geocaching, riding, hiking, walking, whatever! Just took in the scenery.

We tried to Leave Arkansas, really…

Then we tried to leave. And the bus wasn’t having it with pulling the dodge. It was just too heavy. Stop. Rethink. Couldn’t go far unless I drove the truck separately, which neither of us wanted.

We hightailed it back to the Alma area until we figured it out. Zach’s parents are close by, so why not park there and spend more time with them! 

Follow That Bus!

I ended up having to drive the truck behind him in the bus. Sounds easy enough, until he is struggling up a hill and I’m struggling because I’m driving a manual, up a hill, behind a bus 🙂

Leave Arkansas?
Follow That Bus!!

Zach ended up trading his truck for a teeny tiny car! 

It’s cute, and completely functional! The gas mileage is out of this world, and it’s super light! 

….Still In Arkansas….

Here’s the thing though – we were stuck in Arkansas until we could get all the vehicle stuff transferred from Oklahoma (where the car came from) to Florida (Zach’s residential state). So for a few weeks, we just did much of the same as the last time we were in the area. 
Revisited A to Z, same grocery stores, a bit boring.

Until I found this guy ~ in Fort Smith ~ not sure how we missed him the first time around, but I’m glad we came back!!

Now this is me sitting with “the little nut”, Check out the Big Nut here!

Zach took the stationary time and made us a curtain for our most intrusive window. Intrusive by lights anyway, headlights, morning light, there was always something blinding us ! So he made adjustable curtains. We can have them all the way, halfway down, or all the way up! Genius !

They are also reversible so we can change up the pattern! And now we have a prototype for the other windows! 

Guess what, he wasn’t done there!  He designed a yarn storage area for the brow.  It’s his yarn, by the way He knits hats, scarves, dog sweaters, and lots more!  Click here <   > to see his work!

There was a very fine line between the wall of the brow and the bed, so when it is in the driving position, it has to come up to about the shelf level.  That’s about 8″ of space

But it fits perfectly!

Ready to Leave Arkansas?

Top of Bed
Top of Bed
Bottom of Bed
Bottom of Bed

Here is the bed in the driving position, under the bed is the drivers seat, so it goes up enough for Zach to drive and me to sit next to him


Bed in the parked position.



This concludes our time in Arkansas! Overall, we love the state!  The weather got a bit hot, but we were there in the middle of their hottest time of year!  Zach and I just needed to move on to a new state, so we hopped over to Oklahoma! 

Till Next Time….

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Part 7 ~ Gardens, Rockhounding and More

Gardens, Rockhouding and More is what was in store for us ! I was super excited to get out of Arkansas!  Not because the state is anything but fabulous, we had been in Arkansas for a WHILE !

We had been in Bentonville, more specifically, for far too long.  Lots of great places to visit, and I know Zach had an absolute blast at Amped Electric Games.  But we needed to move on.  Not just from Bentonville, but from Arkansas. 

Not quite out of Arkansas…yet

But we had a few more locations to check out before we officially headed to our Winter Location (which we had no idea where that would be).  But we needed to slow down.  We needed a place to wander around, that was quiet (sorry, but Amped was, as expected, loud and energetic) .
I needed some grounding

So we stopped at the Botanical Gardens of the Ozarks.


This was simply beautiful to walk around!  Fun stuff to look at, beautiful plants and sculptures, quiet and serene!  Just what we needed!  Even if Zach sometimes forgets to slow down!

Check out more pics from this beautiful garden here 



Our next long term spot was Hot Springs and Mt Ida!  But we took our time getting there!  We were able to see some friends along the way!  Fellow nomads, friends, family.   Always amazing to be around kind of people! 

We saw a family we hadn’t seen in a minute, as well as another friend who we hadn’t seen in almost the same amount of time.   We spent time in our small circle before heading down to Hot Springs!


I had wanted to go rockhounding since I found out we would be in Arkansas!  I have no idea why this state sparked that interest, but it did!  So we headed to the popular digging site, The Ron Coleman Mine!   Not a free dig site, but a very well put together location.   We took the tour (of course 😆 ) and it was informative!  We got some digging tips, and away we went…..

We had a blast!  It was hot, and we were sitting in the beating sun for the entire time!  But so much fun, and really quite addicting!  

Check out all our pics from this location


We wanted to go more places, and find more gems!   We tried a few “free to dig” spots, but were met with No Trespassing signs.   We attempted Jim Coleman Mine, but that dirt was SO SO hard that we had to beat it with a shovel to even loosen a tiny bit.  So, we mostly just stuck to what we had found at Ron Coleman.  

We took a break from rockhounding and decided to check out Garvan Woodland Gardens!  I’m always in for a stroll around a garden! 

In checking the place out online, I realized how we could never do it in one day.  So I priced it out for 2 days for us, and it was almost as much as a Yearly Pass.  The Pass also gives you free entry into a TON of reciprocal Gardens across the United States!


Check out the list of participating gardens thru the  American Horticulture Department

So we can go and stroll for free!  And honestly, we never just go stroll, they almost always have some kind of plant shop going on..  And we are suckers for any kind of plant 🙂 

The Gardens

Now the first time we tried to walk around, I got overheated quickly and we retreated to the bus!   We chose to just wait a few days for the temps to go back down under 90°F (the day in the garden it was closer to 100°F). And since we had passes, we could actually make this choice 🙂  

When we finally got a cool day, we packed some waters and set off to check the place out.  It was amazing!  They were in the process of setting up for the Holidays, but nothing that took away from the beauty!  

Check out more pics from this beautiful garden here

We had all but given up on rockhounding for free, or relatively cheaply!  Until we stopped in this little store, where we asked about local digging sites.   She gave us a map of all the mining places, most cost something to get the permit needed to dig.

*You don’t actually get any kind of permit, more like a receipt, but that’s ok, we live small, we don’t need something we’d want to keep

We decided to try Crystal Vista Trailhead since it was listed as a Free Site in the National Forest, so we felt safe with the fact that we wouldn’t be trespassing!   We started the hike, with very little gear.  Water 2 small shovels A bag to collect in .   I’m so glad we packed ultra-lite! 

Ready… Set…. WHAT??

The hike UP the mountain was steep, and steady!  There were no parts of that trail that weren’t some form of incline!  And the further we went, the further we had to go!   We didn’t want to turn around only to find out that we were “that close”.  

All in all, I think the trek UP (did I mention steady incline?!) was about a mile, maybe a mile and a half.  Not long, just steeper than anticipated.  

I think we can, I think we can!

Gardens, Rockhounding and More

I know this doesn’t LOOK steep, but it is! And that’s what it looked like the entire trip up!

BUT…. we made it to the top!!  Then spent about 2 hours in that area digging around.  It was easy to dig in, but suddenly we had gotten picky in our “keeps”!  Could have had something to do with the fact that we had to trek back DOWN the mountain! 


And it’s at this point that Zach had to make an 850ish mile trip to Georgia to swap out vehicles…. Stay Tuned for that story and where we landed next!

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Cute Personalized Santa Video Message!!

Personalized Santa Video!

 So as my own kids have gotten older, I haven’t been able to do these cute little things for them!

BUT… they have a little brother who is 4 (and a half) years old! So YAY!  My daughter and I plan to make this video for him!  She is so excited, and I’m so excited for her!!   My youngest son may also get into the planning on this one, since he is the techy of the pair!  

I’ll be updating this post with the video when we make it !  Stay tuned!!   Click on any of the pics below to check the sample video out!


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Thanksgiving Dinner, Just A Day Late!

We hope You and Your Family had a Wonderful Thanksgiving!

Sometimes plans change on the road.  I had planned Thanksgiving Dinner for Zach and myself, along with one friend.  Plans changed for that friend, so it was just going to be the two of us.

I was just a bit off on the plan.  I didn’t think Thanksgiving was on the 24th, for whatever reason, since there isn’t a 31st in November.  But I realized this on the 22nd.  Oops. No turkey, no dried bread for stuffing, pretty much only had potatoes and some veggies.  

Shopping for Thanksgiving, a few times

Off to the store we went. Stopped at Aldi and lucked out on one fresh turkey being available that wasn’t $44!!  Cause there were 2 available, but I wasn’t paying $44 for a 10-lb turkey.  So $19.04 for an 11-lb sounded reasonable (but really not, my frugal brain was reeling from this purchase!!!).  But we got it, and went home to be thankful we had a turkey! 

And I realized I forgot anything that might be worthy for use as stuffing.  I figured I’d just bake some bread.

Well, then comes the 23rd.  And I realize in our downsizing spree, that we have gotten rid of anything that might have housed this 11-lb gem of a turkey to cook it!  Off to the store Zach went

Baking, Cooking, Improvising

Now comes the “I forgot the stuffing parts bread baking” moment.  I found a great recipe, followed it to a T!  Didn’t have a dutch oven, so opted for the rolls instead.  Didn’t matter, I was cutting it into cubes for the stuffing anyway.  So I get all the way to the final rise.  30 minutes, then in the oven.  15 minutes in, our hosts stopped over to say Hi! 

Never a problem, but I didn’t want to crank the oven up to 375°F while there were 4 of us in the bus!!  Well, the rolls rose perfectly, and they should have been popped in the oven then. They weren’t, so they collapsed. Maybe they rose a little more before I got them in the oven, but I’m not sure.   Oops .

But I went with it, because again, I was using it for stuffing.   And it came out not so terrible. Slightly dense, which I’m sure is the over-proofing. 

Here’s the recipe 🙂   It has seriously deep flavors, just savory enough for stuffing!!  I was pretty excited!!

[mv_create key=”2″ thumbnail=”” title=”Thanksgiving Stuffing Bread” type=”recipe”]

I was set, for stuffing anyway!  All I needed to do was dry it. So I put it on my oven-sized baking sheet and set the oven to 200°F and forgot about it for a while.  It was getting chilly in the bus, so it served two purposes to turn the oven on

A Change in Plans

But then our current hosts invited us over for Thanksgiving Dinner with them and their family.  So we bumped our meal a day, because why not?  After all the craziness of getting what we needed, I was ok with a day break! 

Black Friday Thanksgiving Dinner

So our dinner consisted of the usual, Turkey, Stuffing, Mashed Potatoes, and the rest… minus the Green Bean Casserole.  Cause that’s not on our list of favs anyway (sorry, just can’t) .

The Sides

So maybe not traditional mashed potatoes, but they once were 🙂  I made them for dinner 2 nights ago!  This is listed as an appetizer, but I planned on using it as a side!

[mv_create key=”1″ title=”Loaded Mashed Potato Balls” type=”recipe”]

I sooooo struggled with making this dish.  First, I work on a gas range, which I’m not totally used to yet.  And it has problems.   The temps are WAY off.  I could have it set at low and the flame is like it is set on high.  So A LOT of improvising goes into my cooking. 

But these potato balls were not having it the first go round.  I used a stainless steel pan and olive oil.  And it was a MESS!   User error, I guarantee, but a mess all the same. 

I had a moment of sheer frustration.. and then revamped the methods.  Used a teflon pan, with butter, flattened the balls into more like a pancake and they were golden!   A few minutes on each side and they were done!  Perfect side for our turkey!

The Turkey…

Our Turkey and gravy, well … pretty traditional.  The stuffing was a bit nontraditional in a few ways.  First, I rarely bake my own bread for stuffing.  I buy it either from the bakery department or get a bag of pre-seasoned cubes from Pepperidge Farms 🙂  .  Second, I cannot find chestnuts, and I always put that in my stuffing.  So, none in it this year since I just couldn’t find any.  So sad

[mv_create key=”3″ title=”Easy Turkey and Gravy” type=”recipe”]

I followed this recipe closely and it made a very nice, moist turkey! It was just Zach and myself, so we have a lot of leftovers!  I’m hoping to find some unique recipes to try with them!!

Dessert … Finally!!!

Zach wanted Cheesecake.  That was the only thing he requested, so I was happy to find a cheesecake recipe to try 🙂   I love cheesecake also, so it wasn’t hard to convince me that it needed to be dessert.   So here is what I tried ! 

[mv_create key=”4″ title=”Apple Crisp Cheesecake” type=”recipe”]

Now, let’s talk about my experience with this recipe. 

First, I didn’t read the instructions, just the ingredient list. I’ve made a billion cheesecakes, so didn’t even think about it.   Turns out, I don’t own a 6″ springform pan   I own a 9″ and didn’t think this recipe would translate well in that pan. 

Well, I bake cakes at events, and usually bake them in single(ish) serve pans from Walmart. 

At that time, I wanted bulk so I ordered some from Amazon.  And they were TEEEEEENY!!!! Too tiny for the cakes I was making back then!!


So, I used them here.   Making them individual cheesecake cupcakes, sort of.   I had to improvise on everything but the actual recipe.  I made it just as it stated.  I layered in the tiny pans just like I would have in the springform.

It was the bake time I had no clue on.  Cheesecake is such an exact timing thing.  So I searched online for some answers and came up with 22 minutes.  But all of those recipes had me pull them right after the bake time, instead of resting for the hour in the cooling oven.  So I took my chances and left them in.  Good move.   

I followed the rest of the timing on this recipe above, and it was perfect.  Cooling times were spot on.  And I have to say they were absolutely delicious. 


Here are my final thoughts on the ebook 🙂


These recipes were easy to follow, good home cooking dishes. They were a hit at my Dinner table. The ingredients were simple, yet delicious. I was able to make the dishes I prepared with ingredients I already had in my home! I’m adding these recipes to my collection of tried and true, and to my definitely try lists !!

Go check the book out for yourself! 


So that’s it!  Our First Thanksgiving together, the First Thanksgiving in the bus on the road!  Was it a success?  We ate, we were full, we have leftovers…..I say yes!!!

Part 6 ~ Bentonville ~ We Have Arrived!

Well, we were finally in Bentonville, Arkansas.  The trip from Alma to Bentonville was only about an hour, but I’m telling you, we made it in record time. Up at the before crack of dawn, packed and on the road before we are usually finished with breakfast.   Mostly because Zach was a tad bit excited about the Amped Electric Games Or maybe it was the hype about the trails in the area

Word has it that the Walton Family puts a lot of money into the area, since Rogers is the birthplace of WalMart.  And the Walton grandsons love mountain biking.  So the trails are amazing and well kept!

Just a little preview of Zach in his race gear!  I’ll get to the Games in a bit!

Our first stop though, was Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art.  I’m such a sucker for outdoor art!  Especially things that are larger than life!!

I loved the trails here!  Very easy to walk on, even if we got “lost” a few times.  We get sidetracked easily, so we go off course a lot

More Pics Here

Birthday Celebration

So now we come to my Birthday!  I was celebrating my 50th!  I’m not much for Birthday celebrations, but I wanted to do something.  So I left Zach in charge of the plans.

He did great!  Our first stop on the Birthday Excursion was War Eagle Caverns.  It was a walk through, and had some “you have to duck really far under one spot, but you should make it” areas that made me want to kick Zach (kidding, but I really do hate small spaces)

So our next stop was for food, of course 🙂   I had an inbox FULL of FREE food for my Birthday and I was aiming to get the Krispy Kreme Donuts!!   They give you a FREE DOZEN!!  Glazed, of course. But you can plan it for when that Hot ‘N Fresh sign is ON!   They melt in your mouth!!  You can check out my page for Birthday Freebies , there are over 250 of them, so have at it!


The rest of the day we spent together. In between and after the cavern and the donuts, we hit a bunch of thrift stores and nurseries, my two favorite places to wander around.  We also spent time hanging out in the bus, eating donuts   He made me a wonderful dinner (BLT’s, my favorite and requested, don’t judge me ). 

It was an awesome Birthday that I wanted to half share, half keep to myself!   And honestly, it’s just a day!  We make everyday awesome!

And now for the main event…

And now what Zach had been waiting for, and what I had been hearing on Live Streams from the Founder of the Amped Electric Games for weeks

It was a full week of riding, whether on pavement racing, or on the trails, also racing 😀  .  I don’t ride, so I baked all week!  Kept the riders full of sweets! 

We saw riders who could do amazing things with one wheel, people going faster than fast, and a rider jump a bus

There were all levels of riders, from beginners to advanced! All willing to teach, and all willing to learn.  It’s definitely the place to go if you want to check out what the EUC World is all about.

These videos below are of Zach at the Thunderdome Mountain Bike Trail in Coler Mountain Bike Preserve,  where the off-road races were held.  This portion of the event had been postponed for a few days due to heavy rains, closing down the trails. 

Zach’s Heats

Here is a gallery of Pics and videos from the week at Amped. (click on the little pic of Zach below)  Some are mine or Zach’s, some are from the other riders!  It was a pretty amazing week, I saw so many different styles of riding!  Does it make me want to get on one??  Not quite…..

And after a few weeks in the Bentonville area, it was time for us to move on.   We had no game plan from here, so we just headed south to go check out Hot Springs and Mt Ida!  We were interested in doing some rockhounding and found these places were pretty active in that aspect!

Till Next Time!

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Part 5 ~ Heading To Arkansas

Our Journey up until now hadn’t included any events.  So Zach signed up for an EUC Event called Amped Electric Games in Bentonville, Arkansas. 

We had about a month to get there, so here is what we did from Springfield, Missouri to Bentonville, Arkansas!

Our first stop was to see Zach’s parents in Arkansas.  We parked close by to them and a bunch of other things we could see while we were there. 

We visited this little town, Alma, hoping to find the World’s Largest Spinach Can, but unfortunately it had been painted over. I didn’t find an explanation as to why it was painted over, or that it even had been painted over.  So I’m glad we stopped by!

But we did find this gem of a park 🙂 


Popeye’s Garden

Check out all of our pics HERE

While we were in Popeye’s Garden, we noticed this across the street, so we needed to investigate.  


Turns out it is a memorial to Henry D Humphrey.  He was on Patrol as the Town Marshall overnight when he was shot and killed by Bonnie & Clyde.

We spent a good amount of time in Alma while we were in the area.  Checking out the local stores and stuff.  We found a super awesome supply, craft, hardware, pretty much a little bit of everything store called A To Z.  And they are not lying, they have everything from A to Z !!


Just outside of Alma, in Fort Smith, Arkansas, is this cute little guy.


The World’s Largest Christmas Pickle!  The water tower next to it was painted really pretty as well

From here we headed to Bentonville!  It was a week away from Amped Electric Games and Zach was itching to get into the area to check out the trails.  So we headed over that way early.  I had plenty planned for us around the area, and I knew he would spend a few hours (daily) on his wheel. 

Until Next Time….

Our New Instant Pot ~ And Our Failures!

When it comes to living in a bus, the one thing you need to do is downsize. And after you are done with that, you need to downsize some more. We had a rice cooker, and a crockpot, and an air fryer, and while we used the rice cooker a lot, the crockpot was too big to make meals for 2 and the air fryer rarely made its way out of storage.   So we thought if we got an instant pot, we could essentially downsize from 2-3 appliances to just one.  

We ended up finding a GREAT deal at Walmart for a 6-qt Instant Pot Duo. We tried to find a 3-qt but had very little luck and when we did, they cost as much as the larger ones.  So as long as it FIT under the floor to store it, we have a nice freezer to put leftovers in 🙂 I purchased this one because it had the features I wanted, and it was $50* with Free Shipping.  Black Friday pricing to my door?  I’m in!! 

So, the first night we tried it (after doing the recommended water test), we found a recipe for using frozen chicken breast, uncooked rice and vegetables. We had the frozen chicken breast and uncooked rice, but we used frozen vegetables instead of fresh.  Followed the instructions for cooking and away we went.  To Mushy Rice Boulevard.  The chicken was cooked great, the vegetables weren’t terrible. There were these pockets of herb bombs that came with some of the vegetables. But a fail

Pretty sure it was the extra water in the frozen vegetables that caused the excessive mushiness.

That’s my story, and I’m sticking with it.

Fast forward to the next night and I decide to make us Sesame Chicken. Halfway through cooking it and I remember our disastrous dinner from the previous night included the last of our white rice. So, Zach offered to go to the one store in town, Dollar General. Where they had no white rice.  No brown rice.  Just Knorr side dishes, and instantly ready in 90 seconds in the microwave rice. All fine, but… I’m looking to use it with Sesame Chicken :/  So I just tell him to get whatever might go with the meal being made and continue cooking.  

He ended up with a Knorr Side dish, herbs and butter, or something like that. Best option. 

We really had no clue how to make it in the instant pot, and maybe should have just stove topped it, but we had a new toy, so into the instant pot it went. Like we were making straight up white rice. 

It was mushy

I’m sure this time it was the fact that the rice was pre-cooked in some fashion for quick cooking at home?!  Maybe? 

((Funny thing is, the next morning… I realized we DO have rice.  We have a bag of Sushi Rice.  Not sure how that cooks up ))

So it gets better.  Zach LOVES BACON.   It’s almost a daily in this house.   Normally cooked on the stove in cast iron.  Zach decides he’s going to look up how to cook bacon in the Instant Pot.   Something about opening and closing it a billion times with 2-3 minute intervals of flipping bacon.   And it was a fail. A finish it in the cast iron skillet kind of fail

I am trying hard boiled eggs in this thing today.  So many people rave about this one thing.  Hard boiled eggs, easy in the instant pot.  For us too???   I’m not into “new” so it may be my unwillingness to give up the pots and pans, but I’m willing to try.  Hopefully eggs will win me over.  I’m very particular about my eggs

Stay tuned.  I’m determined my next post about the Instant Pot is filled with success !!

*Price as of this post is $50.  Regular price listed is $81.99.

A Picture Tour of The Bus

I thought it would be a great time to show you what the inside of the bus looks like.  This is how we travel full time, and live a very normal life. Just a little Picture Tour of the Bus!!


This is the split view from front to back.  Under the bed is the driver’s area.  The bed raises and lowers with the front lift of a fifth wheel. SLOWLY (4ish minutes start to finish) So when we are stationary, it is down just about to the seats (they fold down, so pretty low)

I’m sure at this point in proofreading Zach will tell me just how far it is from the floor of the bus (and that won’t give an accurate description  because the floor we walk on isn’t the floor of the bus 😕 Confused yet? ~ I’ll get to that) BUT, the driver’s seat is in the original bus position, my seat was added in and does fancy stuff like swivels from the window to next to Zach) 

Edited to add before publishing ~ Zach said that between the bottom of the bed and the raised floor is 28″.  The raised floor has the grey carpet runner on it ! 

I consider this my “Kitchen Side”  Full size gas range (yup, FULL SIZE!!).    The Iceco was our refrigerator/freezer until we got an early Christmas Gift of an upright freezer.  That part of the build is a little further down 🙂  And lots of countertop space.  I’ve since put a few coats of Polycrylic on the tops, and we plan to replace them with something like butcher block.  Another on the list project. 🙂

 Our Bath and another kitchen area.  Plants are easy enough to pop out when we need to shower.  Some even stay in there since the shower head is on the ceiling.  The tub is partially sunken into the floor to give plenty of head room.  The cauldron is our sink, and while the faucet looks amazing, it’s not particularly functional for us.  The sprayer really loves to SPRAY :/  So that will be changed out at some point.   It’s on our list! 

The back deck and shop area.  The deck area folds up against the bus during travel.   The back deck area is about to get a MAJOR renovation, but we have lots to do before that can begin!

Let’s talk about this range!  It’s full size.  That’s not common for a Skoolie.  But I’m so glad Zach decided he needed this in his life.  Because now I do a good portion of the cooking and all of the baking, and it certainly makes my life easier!!   It’s a gas range, so that presents some challenges for me since it has been a LOT of years since I cooked with gas.   Trial and error.  And Zach doesn’t mind being the taste tester 🙂

So here is the Upright Freezer we were gifted early.  It’s the perfect size for our needs and the space we had for it.  The bed is not hindered from going lower than before (the dresser we had there was wider than the freezer, so it prevented the bed from going down another 6″).  This makes a big difference when getting out of bed! 

The amount of food in the freezer is what we had in the IceCo when we split it between fridge and freezer.  And it was jammed in there.  So we gained a lot of freezer space with this gift, plus doubled our refrigerator.  We converted the freezer side of the IceCo into a refirgerator (it’s as easy as adjusting the temp)

“Storage for days” – Kyle Baker

He’s not wrong 🙂  There is a ton of storage under the floor.  The space is 94″ wide, 156″ long and 12″ deep.  There are 3 doors that pull up from the floor to access the space.  I call each one a compartment even though they are one continuous unit.

This is my pantry compartment. One of three storage compartments under the floor.  The middle one is random stuff, bedding and mason jars and gigantic community meal sized pots.  The third is mostly our batteries.  And our toaster, Vitamix and Instant Pot. 

And we have room to spare!  Lots of spare room!  This area just went through a major cleaning a few weeks back, so it’s been organized by me, which means if we need something, I generally remember exactly where it is!


Can’t travel full time without a bathroom.  This has changed a bit (there are about 5 plants in there now 🙂 )

So this entire build is Zach’s vision and work.  When Zach and I met, it was mostly finished.  I’ve helped with the buttoning up of things.   And decorating (the plants were my contribution to our lives).  We’ve made improvements together, revamped things that didn’t work (because you don’t know what will work and what won’t until you are on the road!!)  and have ideas to make things more functional! 

We are currently in remodel mode!  Some major renovations coming!! 

Veteran’s Day Free Stuff

Here is a great list of free stuff, discounts and everything I could find for Veteran’s Day!  Unless otherwise stated, these deals are good on Veteran’s Day ONLY!!  Active Military ID is usually required, but each location has it’s own rules 🙂  Please call ahead to verify your location is participating and ask what they accept as proof of service!


54th Street Grill ~  Veterans and Active Duty will receive $10 off any entrèe. Can’t be used in combination with a reward or other discount, including 54 funds. Dine-in Only.  Discount Code: Veterans Day.

Ahi Poke Bowl – Veterans and Active Military receive 50% off Poke Bowls.  Dine-in only.

Another Broken Egg CafeOn Veterans Day, we’re inviting all veterans and active or retired military service members to enjoy a FREE Patriot French Toast Combo and coffee. Available for dine-in only. Limit one per person.

Applebee’s – Veterans and Active Duty Military members will receive a free entree from a special menu (listed on website).

Army & Air Force Exchange Service – There are a lot of deals listed on this site!

Au Bon Pain – Retired and Active Military receive Free Breakfast Sandwich and a small drip coffee.

Bar Louie – Active-duty military and veterans get a free Craft Burger. Dine-in only.

Benihana ~ Veterans receive a Free Appetizer. Dine-in Only.

Big Daddy’s Burger Bar – Veterans and Active Military receive a Free American burger and side of chips from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Biggby Coffee – Veterans and active-duty service members receive a free 16 oz beverage of choice.

BJ’s Restaurant and BrewhouseCurrent and former military can enjoy a free meal from a selection of BJ’s favorites and a FREE Dr Pepper beverage. Dine-in only.

Bob Evans – Veterans and active-duty military receive a free meal from a select menu (10 items to choose from) Dine-in only.

Boston Market – Veterans and Active Military can redeem a coupon for a $5 Pot Pie (Coupon code 33928). Dine-in Only

Bonefish Grill – Free order of Bang Bang shrimp with soft beverage. 

Brick House Tavern + Tap – Veterans get 20% off on NOV 13th! Valid for parties up to 4 with a valid ID, alcoholic beverages excluded from discount. Dine-in only.

Bubba Gump Shrimp Company – Veterans and Active Military receive 20% off on Nov 13th.  Dine-in Only, Max 4 guests.

Buca di Beppo – Veterans and Active Military receive a Free Lunch. Dine-in Only.

Buffalo’s Cafe – Veterans and Active Military receive a Free Entrée from their regular menu.

Buffalo Wild Wings – Veterans and Active-Duty Military receive 10 Free Wings and Fries. Dine-in Only.

Calhoun’s – Veterans and active-duty military enjoy a free lunch from 10:45am to 4pm.

California Pizza Kitchen – Veterans and active-duty military receive a complimentary non-alcoholic beverage and choice of one entrée from a special menu.

Carolina Ale House – Veterans and military members get a Free Rib Platter with Coleslaw and Fries.

Carrabba’s Italian Grill – Veterans and Active Military receive a Free Appetizer or Dessert and a Free Coca-Cola Beverage .

Cattlemens – This one is a little tricky.  Sign up on or before Nov 11th and you will receive an email on Nov 12th with a Free Steak Certificate.  That certificate is valid Nov 12th thru Nov 22nd.  For all Active, non-active, and retired military personal. Valid for outdoor dining or dine-in, at California Locations only. The offer is not valid on takeout orders.

CentraArchy Restaurants – Veterans and active-duty military members get 50% off an entrée from the full menu.

Charleys Philly Steaks – Veterans and active-duty military get free Gourmet Fries in-store with no purchase necessary. U.S. military base locations require the purchase of a cheesesteak and drink to qualify.

Chelo’s Hometown Bar & Grille – Veterans with a valid military ID receive a free meal from a select menu.

Chicken Guy – Veterans and Active Military receive a Free Chicken Sandwich. Dine-in Only

Chicken Salad Chick – Veterans and active-duty military will receive a Chick Special and regular size drink. Dine-in only.

Chili’s – Veterans and active-duty service members get a free meal from a select menu, listed on website. Dine-in only.

Chop House – Veterans and active-duty service members get 50% off entrees.

Cicis Pizza – Active and retired military personnel get a free adult buffet. No beverage included. Dine-in only

Claim Jumper – Veterans and active-duty military receive a free meal from a special menu.Dine-in only.

Colton’s Steak House & Grill – Veterans and active-duty service members get a free entrée from 11am until 4 pm from a select menu. Dine-in only. Offer not available at Kentucky locations.

Cotton Patch Cafe – Veterans and active-duty military get a free Chicken Fried Steak or Chicken Fried Chicken Entrée.

Country Kitchen – Active and retired military get a free Country Scramble. Dine-in only.

Cracker BarrelVeterans and active-duty military receive a free slice of Double Chocolate Fudge Coca-Cola Cake, in-store and online, with any purchase using promo code VETSDAY22 at checkout.

Crooked Pint Ale House – Veterans and active-duty military get any single item from their menu.   Dine-in only.

D’angelo Grilled Sandwiches – Veterans and Active Military receive 50% off entire order.  Dine-in or carryout only.

Davanni’s Pizza and Hot Hoagies – Active-duty military and veterans get a Free Solo 1-item Pizza and Regular Pop. Proof of service required, just mention it when you order for dine-in, takeout, or curbside.

Denny’s – Veterans, Active and Inactive Military Members receive a Free Original Grand Slam Breakfast. Between 5am and 12pm.  Dine-in Only.

Dickey’s Barbecue Pit – Veterans and active-duty military get a Free Pulled Pork Sandwich. Valid in-store, and online/app for carryout with code VETFREE.

Duffy’s Sports Grill – Veterans get a free meal from 11am to 4pm. Max value $15. Dine-in only.

Dunkin Donuts – Veterans and Active Military receive a Free Doughnut.  Dine-in only.

Earl of Sandwich – Veterans and Active Military receive a Free Sandwich. Dine-in only.

Eat’n Park – All former and current military personnel receive 10% off for themselves and their entire party each time they dine in for the entire month of November. If you go in on Veteran’s Day, you will also receive a free Smiley Cookie. Dine-in only.

Einstein Bros. Bagels ~ Veterans and Active-Duty Service Members receive a Free Coffee.

Emmet’s Social Table – Veterans and active-duty military get a free meal. Max value $15. Dine-in only.

Famous Dave’s – Veterans, active-duty and inactive military get a free Georgia Chopped Pork Sandwich and choice of side. When ordering online, use code VETERAN to receive the discount. Must present valid proof of service at pickup. Not valid for Call-In Orders or Delivery.

Fazoli’s – Veterans and Active Military receive free regular spaghetti with meat or marinara sauce.

Firebirds Wood Fired Grill – Dine with a veteran or active-duty service member and their meal is free (equal to or less than your entrée purchase). Dine-in only. 

Fox & Hound – Veterans and active-duty military get a free meal from a select menu.

Freddy’s Frozen Custard and Steakburgers – Veterans and active military personnel who visit will receive a free Freddy’s Original Double with Cheese combo meal card that can be redeemed through Nov. 30.

Friendly’s – Veterans and Active Military receive a Free Burger and Fountain Drink

Fuddruckers – Veterans and Active Military receive a Free 1/3 Pound Fudd Burger and Bottomless Fries.  Dine-in only.

Glory Days Grill – Active-duty military and veterans receive 10% off their table.

Gold Star Chili – Veterans and active-duty military receive a free regular 3-Way and regular drink. Dine-in, carry out or drive-thru.

Golden Corral – Golden Corral hosts a Military Appreciation Night. This year it is on Nov. 14 from 5pm to close. This includes a free Thank You meal when dining in.

Grady’s BBQ – Veterans and active-duty military get a free one meat sandwich. Dine-in only.

Green Mill Restaurant and Bar – Veterans and active-duty military get any single menu item free. Dine-in only.

Greene Turtle – Veterans get a free meal. Max value $13 value.  Dine-in only.

GuacAmigos – Veterans and Active-Duty military get a free meal from a special menu.

Hamburger Stand – Veterans and Active-Duty military get a free hamburger, regular fries and a small Pepsi.

Happy Joe’s Pizza and Ice Cream – Veterans and Active Military receive a Free Little Joe Pizza.  Dine-in or Take Out Only.

Hooters – Active-duty military and Veterans get a free entrée from the Hooters Veterans Day Menu with purchase of a beverage. Dine-in only.

Hurricane Grill & Wings – Veterans and Active Military receive a Free Entrée from a select menu.

IHOP – Veterans and Active-Duty military get free Red, White & Blueberry Pancakes. Dine-in only.

Iron Hill Brewery and Restaurant – Veterans and Active-Duty service members receive a complimentary burger or sandwich along with a non-alcoholic beverage.

J. Christopher’s – Veterans get a free meal. Dine-in only.

Joe’s Crab Shack – Veterans get 20% off when they dine-in on Nov. 13.  Valid for parties up to 4.

Johnny Rockets – Veterans and Active Military receive a Free Burger.

Kings Family Restaurant – Veterans and Active-Duty military members get a free breakfast, lunch or dinner from a select menu. Dine-in only.

Kolache Factory – Veterans and Active Military receive a Free Kolache and small Coffee.

Kona Grill – Veterans and Active Military receive 50% off their meal Nov 11-13.  Dine-in only.

Krispy Kreme – Veterans get a free doughnut and a small hot or iced coffee.

Lab Bakery & Coffee Bar – Active-Duty service members and Veterans get a free cup of coffee and a slice of vanilla pound cake.

LaMar’s Donuts – Veterans and Active-Duty military get a free donut and 12 oz. coffee.

Little Caesars – Veterans and active-duty military get a free 4-Slice Detroit-Style Deep Dish Pizza and a 20oz Pepsi.  At participating stores between 11am and 2pm. In-store only.

Logan’s Roadhouse – Veterans and active-duty military personnel can enjoy a free meal between 3 and 6 p.m. from a special menu.

Lucille’s Smokehouse BBQ – Active-duty personnel and veterans get a complimentary personal sized entree from a select menu. Dine-in or take out only. Not valid for online orders or through any third party delivery service. Lucille’s is also giving veterans and active-duty military a $10 Thank You For Your Service Bonus Cards, redeemable 11/25/22-12/4/22.

Macaroni Grill – Veterans and Active-Duty military receive a free Mom’s Ricotta Meatballs and Spaghetti.

MacKenzie River – Show proof of military service and get 25% off for your entire table. Available for dine-in and carryout only. Not available through online ordering.

Max & Erma‘s – Veterans and Active-Duty military get a free Cheeseburger, Endless Fries, fountain drink and a cookie.

McCormick & Schmick’s Seafood Restaurants – Veterans, National Guard, Gold Star parents and Gold Star Spouses can enjoy a select half-priced entrée on Nov. 13. Chose entrees from a special menu.  Reservations are strongly recommended.

McGrath’s Fish House – Veterans and Active-Duty military get a free meal from a select menu.

Menchie’s – Veterans and Active-Duty military get their first 6 oz of froyo free.

Mimi’s Cafe – Veterans and Active-Duty Military receive a free entrée. Max value $16. Dine-in Only

Mission BBQ – Veterans get a free sandwich.

MOD Pizza – Buy one MOD-size pizza or salad, get one MOD-size pizza or salad free. Valid in-store only.

Native Grill & Wings – Veterans and Active Military receive a Free Entrée from a select menu.

Ninety Nine Restaurant and Pub – Veterans and Active-Duty military get a free lunch from a select menu with the purchase of another entrée. From 11am to 5pm. Dine-in only.

O’Charley’s – Veterans and Active-Duty military get a free entrée. Dine-in only.

Old Chicago – Veterans and Active-Duty military receive Free Lunch.

Olga’s Kitchen – Veterans and Active Military receive a Free Original Olga with any purchase.

On The Border – Veterans and Active Military receive a Free Combo 2. Dine-in Only.

Orange Leaf – Veterans and Active Military receive $2 off their order.

Outback Steakhouse – Veterans, Active-Duty military and spouses get a free Bloomin’ Onion to share, and one beverage each.

Papa Gino’s Pizza – Veterans and Active Military receive 50% off entire order.  Dine-in or carryout only.

Parry’s Pizza – Veterans and active-duty military get a full-size entrée and fountain drink for free from a select menu (on their website)

Peet’s Coffee – Veterans, Active Military and Spouses receive a Free Small drip Coffee or Tea.

Perkins – Active and Retired Service Members receive a Free Magnificent Seven Breakfast.

Perry’s Steakhouse & Grille – Active-duty military and veterans get one complimentary dinner chop when accompanied by a guest purchasing one dinner entrée on Nov. 10 from 4PM to closing or one complimentary Pork Chop Lunch when accompanied by a guest purchasing one lunch entrée on Nov. 11 from 10:30am-5pm. Dine-in only. Reservations required.

Pilot Flying J – Veterans get a free meal up to $12 through a special offer in the app.

PJ’s Coffee –  Veterans and Active Military receive a Free 10oz Hot or Iced Coffee

Primanti Bros – Veterans and active-duty military get a free sandwich.

QDOBA – Veterans and Active Military receive 50% off any entrée.  Dine-in Only.

Red Lobster – Veterans, Active-Duty military and reservists get a free Walt’s Favorite Shrimp, Fries, and Coleslaw. Dine in and To-Go orders placed inside the restaurant between 11:00am and 4:00pm local time.

Red Mango – Veterans and Active Military receive $2 off their order.

Red Robin – Veterans and active-duty military get a free Red’s Tavern Double Burger. This classic burger also comes with free refills of Bottomless Steak Fries. Dine in only. 

RibCrib – Veterans get a free meal from a select menu.

Rodizio Grill – Veterans who dine Nov. 7-11 eat free with purchase of one Full Rodizio adult dinner.

Rosa Mexicano – Veterans and Active-Duty service members receive a free meal.

Schlotsky’s ~ Veterans and Active-Duty Military receive Free Chips and Drink with purchase of an entrée.

Seven Doors Kitchen & Cocktails – Veterans and Active-Duty military get one free entrée and one non-alcoholic beverage from 11am-9pm. Dine in or take out only.

Shane’s Rib Shack – Active and Inactive military and Veterans get a free Pork or BBQ Chicken plate Nov. 9-11. Dine-In Only.

Shoney’s – Veterans and active-duty service members get a free All You Care To Eat, Freshly Prepared Breakfast Bar from Open until 11am. Dine-in only.

Smashburger – Get a free Burger or Sandwich. Dine-in Only.

Smokey Bones – Veterans and Active Military receive a Free Entrée from a select menu.  Dine-in Only.

Smoothie King – Active and Retired Military receive a Free 20oz Smoothie.

Sonny’s BBQ – Veterans and Active-Duty military get a Free Pork Big Deal. You need to go to their website and verify your eligibility and you will receive a coupon. For dine-in and takeout only.

Starbucks – Veterans, Military Service Members and Military Spouses receive a free tall (12-oz) hot or iced coffee

Steak ‘N Shake – Veterans and Active Military receive a Free Milkshake. Dine-in Only

Sticky Fingers – Veterans and active-duty military get a free pulled pork sandwich and fries. Dine-in Only.

Taco John’s – Veterans and Active Military receive a Free Small Beef Combo (Two crispy beef tacos)

TCBY – Veterans and active military personnel get their first 6 oz. of frozen yogurt for free.

Texas Roadhouse ~ Veterans can stop in on Friday, Nov 11,from 11am – 2pm to pick up a FREE meal voucher. Redeem your voucher for any of the listed menu items at your convenience. Menu Items listed on voucher.

TGIFriday’s – Veterans and Active-Duty Military receive a Free Meal.

Tijuana Flats – Veterans and Active Military receive 50% off their entrée. Dine-in, takeout and online orders (Code is VTRN2250)

TravelCenters of America – Active-duty military and veterans get a free breakfast, lunch or dinner. Up to $15 for Quick Serve Restaurants and $18 for Full Serve Restaurants

Tucanos Brazilian Grill – Veterans get a free Churrasco meal with the purchase of another Churrasco meal. Nov. 10-12.

Tuscan Brands –  Tuscan Kitchen, Tuscan Sea Grill & Bar, and Toscana Italian Chop House & Wine Bar will be serving a family style meal to veterans and one guest from 11am to 4pm. Veterans and their guest can RSVP by calling the restaurant located in the town they live in.

Twin Peaks – Veterans and Active Military receive a Free Meal from a select Menu. Dine-in Only.

Uno Pizzeria & Grill – Veteran and active-duty military get a free meal.

Walk-On’s – Veterans and Active Military receive a Free Scholarship Burger and fries. Dine-in Only. 

Wendy’s – Veterans and Active Military Members receive a Free Breakfast Combo.

White Castle – Veterans and Active Military receive a Free Breakfast Combo or Regular Combo meal. Dine-in Only.

Wienerschnitzel – Veterans and active-duty military receive a free Chili Dog, small fries and a small drink.

Willy’s Mexicana Grill – Active-duty, Reserve, and retired members of the military, and their families get a 20% discount during the month of November.  Discount covers up to six immediate family members. Dine-in only.

World of Beer Bar & Kitchen – Veterans and Active Military receive Free Bone-in Chicken Wings.  

Yard House – Veterans & active-duty military receive a free appetizer. Dine-in only.

Zaxby’s – Veterans and Active Military receive a Free Boneless Wing Meal.

Ziggi’s Coffee – Active-duty military and veterans get one free 16 oz. drink.

Hair Cuts

Great Clips – Veterans and active-duty service members can go into any U.S. Great Clips salon and get a free haircut on or a free haircut card for a future visit on Nov. 11. Non-military customers who get a haircut on Veterans Day at Great Clips salons will also have the opportunity to pay it forward. They can receive a free haircut card to give to an active service member or veteran they know as a way of saying thank you. The cards can be redeemed for a free haircut from Nov. 12 through Dec. 9, 2022.

Sport Clips – Free haircuts to Veterans and Active-Duty military members.

Miscellaneous Businesses

7-Eleven, Speedway and Stripes ~ Veterans get a free Quarter Pound Big Bite 100% all-beef hot dog. Available in-store and via delivery through the 7NOW app.

Bed Bath & Beyond – Veterans, active-duty military and their spouses receive a 25% percent discount on in-store purchases.

Casey’s – Service Members, past and present, receive Free Coffee. 

Dollar General – Active-duty military, Veterans and their immediate families can take 20% off their purchase between Nov. 10-13.  Must have Dollar General Account.

Food City – Veterans and active-duty military get a free hot bar meal from the Food City Deli.

Food Lion – All active-duty military members & veterans will save 10% on their in-store shopping purchase total before taxes.  Excludes Beer, Wine, Tobacco, Gift Cards, Lottery, Pharmacy, Postage Stamps and Services.

Love’s Truck Stop – Veterans and Active Military offer – Buy 1, Get 1 FREE Roller Grill items and get a FREE Fountain Drink.

Office Depot or Office Max – Veterans & active-duty military members will save 20% off regular-priced items in-store only.

PetSmart – Veterans and Active Military earn 11x Treat Points. In-store and online. Must be a member of their Loyalty Program.

Publix – Veterans and their families can save 10% on groceries purchased in-store.

Rack Room Shoes – U.S. military personnel and their families can receive a 20% discount on in-store purchases.

Sheetz – Veterans and Active Military receive a Free Half Ham or Meatball Sub and a regular Fountain Drink.  They also offer a Free Car Wash.

Tractor Supply – Active and former military members and their dependents can get a 15% discount in stores.

The Vitamin Shoppe – Veterans and Active Military receive 25% off their total purchase.

Fun Stuff

Chuck E Cheese ~ Active-Duty, National Guard, Retired and Veterans receive a personal 1-topping pizza. Dine-In Only.

Main Event – Veterans and Active Military receive a Free Classic Double Cheeseburger and 30 minutes of Free Game Time. 

National Parks – All national parks offer free admission for everyone on Nov. 11.

Six Flags – All veterans & active-duty military will receive free admissions, free parking, free commemorative gift, free drink bottle, free meal, and more! Friends & Family of veterans will receive discounted park admissions. All redemptions will take place at the Front Gate on Nov. 12-13.  Most Parks are participating, but if you click on the link and chose your local park, you will find the information there 🙂

We hope that you thoroughly enjoy your day!  We Appreciate You!

Part 4 ~ Where Did We Roam to After St Louis?

St Louis was a lot of fun, we saw so many cool things, but we had been in Missouri for a minute.  Our usual “in one place” time frame is about a week, give or take depending on the situation.    Plus, Zach had an EUC event coming up in Bentonville, Arkansas in the beginning of September, so we needed to move it along.

Our first little stop was at a cute, HUGE Rocking Chair, the World’s 2nd Largest to be exact.   Check out the Chair Here!  We even brought our littlest kitty, Heddy, for a quick photo in her backpack (I know, she seems terrified, that’s just her normal look 😆 )

Our next stop was Springfield, Missouri for a few days to rest and recover from travel days.  We found lots of large things there.  The World’s 2nd Largest Fork is there.  Funny we keep finding all of the SECOND largest things.  But, this fork was huge !  Randomly placed in front of an office building of sorts, and no real explanation.  Strange.  But cool.  Check out the Fork Here!

So then we found some other strange things going on in Springfield, Missouri.   First of all, Kraft has a factory there.  With a HUGE Noodle (apparently this is not unique for Kraft factories, which just makes me want to go find them all).

And while this noodle is kind of strange, in the big things world, it’s not the strangest thing about this place.  Apparently there are underground CHEESE CAVES.  Wait, what?   Ok, in reality, it’s a huge underground (about 100 feet) warehouse.  And when I say huge, I mean 3.2 million square feet. 😯  It’s a cheese warehouse (I read 1.4 billion pounds of cheese 😮 but who knows), but it’s also home to 50 different companies, including Kraft, Pepsi and Vital Farms.  I’d be freezing, since the average temp down there is 62°F.   BRRRR!

Maybe that’s not strange, just a great way to utilize an old limestone quarry.  This is the Springfield Underground website, but it’s pretty lacking.   History section is nice 🙂   I read you can’t get in to the cheese warehouses, but that you can get into the Underground.   I guess the strangest part of this whole place is the lack of information I could find on it.  All outlets had the same few bits of info!   Next time, Springfield Underground, Next time!!

Back to places we actually went to (I should have talked to some locals about the underground place, drats!)

After the Fork, we found Springfield SculptureWalk!  I’m such a huge fan of outside art.  Things made out of other things, or themed art.  Like a town with a bunch of bears, or butterflies, or bison, decorated how the artist envisioned it.

Just a few from the Walk 🙂  There’s more here!!

We decided one morning to go for a walk through the local Japanese Garden and then have an early lunch.  Mizumoto Japanese Stroll Garden didn’t disappoint!  It was quiet and serene.   So unlike us, but so needed by us!  

Our last stop in Springfield was an amazing cavern.  Fantastic Caverns to be exact.  While most of our excursions run on the frugal side, this one cost a bit more, but really was worth it.   We got to ride through the cavern in a jeep-drawn tram. It is the only ride through cavern in America. Our tour guide was this quirky little lady who seemed to just love driving through those tiny little spaces talking about the cavern.  There were a few places where we needed to duck, but even that was funny! 

And from here we were heading to Arkansas!  Did we make any pit stops along the way?  World’s Largest something on the side of the road? 

Until Next Time….

Missed Part of the Story?  Catch Up Here!

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