A Picture Tour of The Bus

I thought it would be a great time to show you what the inside of the bus looks like.  This is how we travel full time, and live a very normal life. Just a little Picture Tour of the Bus!!


This is the split view from front to back.  Under the bed is the driver’s area.  The bed raises and lowers with the front lift of a fifth wheel. SLOWLY (4ish minutes start to finish) So when we are stationary, it is down just about to the seats (they fold down, so pretty low)

I’m sure at this point in proofreading Zach will tell me just how far it is from the floor of the bus (and that won’t give an accurate description  because the floor we walk on isn’t the floor of the bus 😕 Confused yet? ~ I’ll get to that) BUT, the driver’s seat is in the original bus position, my seat was added in and does fancy stuff like swivels from the window to next to Zach) 

Edited to add before publishing ~ Zach said that between the bottom of the bed and the raised floor is 28″.  The raised floor has the grey carpet runner on it ! 

I consider this my “Kitchen Side”  Full size gas range (yup, FULL SIZE!!).    The Iceco was our refrigerator/freezer until we got an early Christmas Gift of an upright freezer.  That part of the build is a little further down 🙂  And lots of countertop space.  I’ve since put a few coats of Polycrylic on the tops, and we plan to replace them with something like butcher block.  Another on the list project. 🙂

 Our Bath and another kitchen area.  Plants are easy enough to pop out when we need to shower.  Some even stay in there since the shower head is on the ceiling.  The tub is partially sunken into the floor to give plenty of head room.  The cauldron is our sink, and while the faucet looks amazing, it’s not particularly functional for us.  The sprayer really loves to SPRAY :/  So that will be changed out at some point.   It’s on our list! 

The back deck and shop area.  The deck area folds up against the bus during travel.   The back deck area is about to get a MAJOR renovation, but we have lots to do before that can begin!

Let’s talk about this range!  It’s full size.  That’s not common for a Skoolie.  But I’m so glad Zach decided he needed this in his life.  Because now I do a good portion of the cooking and all of the baking, and it certainly makes my life easier!!   It’s a gas range, so that presents some challenges for me since it has been a LOT of years since I cooked with gas.   Trial and error.  And Zach doesn’t mind being the taste tester 🙂

So here is the Upright Freezer we were gifted early.  It’s the perfect size for our needs and the space we had for it.  The bed is not hindered from going lower than before (the dresser we had there was wider than the freezer, so it prevented the bed from going down another 6″).  This makes a big difference when getting out of bed! 

The amount of food in the freezer is what we had in the IceCo when we split it between fridge and freezer.  And it was jammed in there.  So we gained a lot of freezer space with this gift, plus doubled our refrigerator.  We converted the freezer side of the IceCo into a refirgerator (it’s as easy as adjusting the temp)

“Storage for days” – Kyle Baker

He’s not wrong 🙂  There is a ton of storage under the floor.  The space is 94″ wide, 156″ long and 12″ deep.  There are 3 doors that pull up from the floor to access the space.  I call each one a compartment even though they are one continuous unit.

This is my pantry compartment. One of three storage compartments under the floor.  The middle one is random stuff, bedding and mason jars and gigantic community meal sized pots.  The third is mostly our batteries.  And our toaster, Vitamix and Instant Pot. 

And we have room to spare!  Lots of spare room!  This area just went through a major cleaning a few weeks back, so it’s been organized by me, which means if we need something, I generally remember exactly where it is!


Can’t travel full time without a bathroom.  This has changed a bit (there are about 5 plants in there now 🙂 )

So this entire build is Zach’s vision and work.  When Zach and I met, it was mostly finished.  I’ve helped with the buttoning up of things.   And decorating (the plants were my contribution to our lives).  We’ve made improvements together, revamped things that didn’t work (because you don’t know what will work and what won’t until you are on the road!!)  and have ideas to make things more functional! 

We are currently in remodel mode!  Some major renovations coming!! 

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