Michigan Bound Road Trip Pitstops

We were on a Michigan Bound Road Trip!

Now that we are back in Michigan, I’m going to do a quick sightseeing stop post to catch up!  It’s a good thing we didn’t see a ton of things on our way back to Michigan! But there are some worth writing about!

Michigan Bound Road Trip Pitstops

The last thing we told you about was the World’s Largest Frying Pan! WOW! That was a minute ago!  We headed back to St Augustine, Florida to see my kids one last time before we headed north for the summer! So this is our journey down to Florida and up to Michigan!

Hold tight, it’s going to be a fast ride! From Florida to North Carolina in 4 quick stops!

 Along The Way Pitstops

Old Methuselah at Deleon Springs State Park, Florida

The Holly Hill Gnome Tree, Holly Hill, Florida

South of The Border, South Carolina

The Angus Barn Kicking Booth, Raleigh, North Carolina

It’s at this point in our trip that I had the bear hug re-injury to my ribs, so we haven’t done much sightseeing! We flew through the rest of our trip to get to our destination in Michigan early.

We were tired, I was in pain most of the time, and we just needed a minute to breathe.  I set up some appointments for us and did little else.

Finally Arrived in Michigan!

We plan on being in Michigan for the remainder of the summer, bopping around the state! We haven’t decided where to go from here, since we have to plan it around when the first snow falls and where we will (or won’t) be when that happens!

There are so many things on our Destinations Map! Click on the open box in the top right corner to see it larger! Once you zoom in on a location, the map doesn’t seem so busy!

We skipped a lot of things this time around. But, it’s only our first time around! So I’m guessing we have many chances to see these things, now or next time around!

I decided to make this post short and sweet! Having a rib injury has taken a lot out of me! And since I had to go through the recovery time twice, I lost tons of time being able to type ! I also have been trying to concentrate on building some of the pages, so that they are easier to navigate and have enough information! 

As always, if you have suggestions on things we would love to check out, feel free to comment! We’ll add it in to our list of destinations!! 

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