Part 13 (OoOoh ) ~ Heading Back East ?!

Heading Back East?!

After deciding that heading west wasn’t going to work this winter, we were heading back east. Sort of… we just really didn’t know! We knew we needed to take a minute and just pause.

By the end of phase 1 of the catio project, we had decided we would just head east after Christmas.

That meant we needed somewhere for us to be for Christmas! And for me that meant with family! So back to the Alma/Fort Smith Arkansas area we go! For a Christmas Gathering with Zach’s Family! 😊

Ready To Go!!

After finishing the No Escape Plan, we were ready to go! Unfortunately, we were stuck, literally, stuck in the ground!

While we waited for help, we spent a few afternoons exploring Lawton one last time to check out all the murals they had!  There are something like 60, and we wanted to see if we could find all of them!

Check it out here and see if we found all of them!

After a few days of a few different vehicles trying to yank us out with no luck, a backhoe showed up and pulled us out with ease!

Heading Back East

We were in some serious ruts, so when we got out, we parked on more level land, that was a lot more hard packed!

Finally Heading Back East?

After all that, we still had a few packages we were waiting on! So no, we were not quite heading east just yet!

In the meantime, Zach suggested we check out Medicine Park!

Woohoo! I could get pictures of the birdhouses!! I was so super excited to get a second chance, since I blew it the first time!  And I didn’t see the first time around that there is a small aquarium! The Medicine Park Aquarium and Natural Sciences Center!

Big Huge Chairs!

I have no idea why I love these big chairs the most out of all the HUGE stuff we see, but I do :>


These are cute little cottages that are available to rent out! Each cottage comfortably sleeps 2 and has its own parking space! And they are in walking distance of all the cute shops in town too!

Rubber Ducky ~ Revisited!

And! I passed by my Rubber Ducky Friend again! It appears he has been given a facelift of sorts! I’m hoping he is in the beginning stages of repair! We are going to see if someone will keep us updated! Who that is, is indeed a mystery!

And finally, we hit the Aquarium! It was cute, had lots and lots of local fish, and facts about them! They had some outdoor exhibits as well, but since it was pretty cold outside, we didn’t stay long at each! And most animals were off in the distance, staying warm😊

Next, we went inside, where we found rows of tanks! Fish, reptiles, spiders, and other little creatures here, there and everywhere! Mid way through our walk, they had some opossums out being held by employees. We stopped by to pet them and got a bit of history on them also!

Most of the exhibits were rescues! Absolutely love rescues ❤

Click Here For More Aquarium Pics!↖

After that ~ all our mail arrived! And not a moment too soon! One of the downsides of travel is waiting on packages!! Absolutely difficult to plan and as a result, it sometimes dictates our travel!

We were only trying to embark before a small snow storm hits Arkansas!  You know, the ❄Arctic Freeze❄

YES! Finally Heading Back East!

Without a doubt, we have had some trials and tribulations in our journey! But despite all that, I wouldn’t trade the lifestyle!


Until Next Time…

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Love the hats we wear? Zach makes them! Check out his work here

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