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My dog Louie goes everywhere with me!  Any time I start my car, he comes running over, lays down on his back waiting for me to pick him up and put him in the car.  He is a smaller dog, but is quite capable of jumping into the car, but this is his little routine!

So along the route, we have discovered some places always have treats for pups (sorry kitties, I have yet to take one of mine through a drive-thru to test if they have some for our feline friends!)

Here’s what I found, some I researched online, others I’ve gotten for my pup !  The ones with the Doggie emoji are ones I have gotten! 

**Disclaimer ~ it is always a good idea if you plan to dine in or shop at any location listed, that you call ahead and verify that they are indeed pet-friendly!  Each location can decide their own policy! **

100% For the Pups

Bocce’s Bakery ~ They have all sorts of great things for your pup!  From Jerky to Training Treats to “Coal” for those naughty little ones !  



Baja Fresh ~ While they don’t have treats for your pup, they are welcome to hang out in the outside dining area with you! 

Ben & Jerry’s ~ Not only do they promote a dog-friendly work environment, they also have treats you can take home for your doggie!  You can choose from Rosie’s Batch ~ which is pumpkin flavored ~ or Pontch’s Mix ~ which is peanut butter flavored.  They even took into consideration that dogs can’t have too much dairy, and are made with sunflower butter!  You can take them home in mini packs, or 4 packs.  They are even available at grocery stores!

Burger King ~ Now this one is a bit tricky, it’s only available to order through Door Dash.  It’s called a Dogper and it’s a biscuit made out of beef, cheddar, eggs, oat and brown rice flour and sesame seeds.

Chick-Fil-A ~ Ask for a treat for your pup and get a dog biscuit! Just don’t show up on a Sunday, as this restaurant is closed on that day !

Culver’s ~ Ask for a dog treat and receive a dog biscuit with vanilla ice cream!

Dunkin’ Donuts ~ Ask for a pup latte and receive a small cup of whipped cream!  I’ve also gotten one with warm sausage in it !!

Dairy Queen ~ Ask for a Pup Cup and receive a small cup of vanilla soft serve ice cream.

Handel’s Homemade Ice Cream ~ Ask for a Dogster and receive either a Peanut Butter or Mint flavored ice cream!  This location boasts that their doggie treats are vet approved !!!

In-N-Out ~ There are a few options here!  You can request a Pup Patty and receive a salt-free burger.  Or you can request a Flying Dutchman and receive two beef patties with a slice of cheese.

Johnny Rockets ~ Ask for a pup treat and receive a cut up hamburger and a bowl of water.

Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar ~ Super Dog friendly, they actually have a dog menu ~ and a free complimentary bowl of water!   For $5 you can get your pup a Grilled Hamburger Patty Bowl with brown rice and veggies OR a Grilled Chicken Breast Bowl with brown rice and veggies!!

Le Pain Quotidien ~ This restaurant has pup-friendly patios and dog treats readily available!  If you don’t see them out on the patio, just ask and your pup will get a doggie bone!

Noah’s New York Bagels ~ You can bring your doggie out on the patio, which is always equipped with bowls of water for thirsty pups.  They also sell bagel-shaped dog biscuits!

Panera Bread ~ While they don’t have doggie treats for your pup, most are pet-friendly on their patios.  You can request a bowl of water if your pup gets thirsty!

Rita’s Ice ~ Ask for a doggie treat and receive either vanilla ice or custard with a treat on top!

Rock & Brews ~ Ask about their pup-friendly menu items and chose from an unsalted burger, roast chicken, or sweet potatoes!  They even offer up a beer that your pup can enjoy (Don’t worry, it’s non-alcoholic!)

Shake Shack ~ Ask for a Pooch-ini and receive a small dessert made with dog biscuits and vanilla custard.   Or you can snag a Bag O’ Bones, a bag of five dog biscuits made by Bocce’s Bakery.

Sonic ~ Ask for a treat and your doggie will get a biscuit!  It’s not much, but my dog loves their biscuits (and he is a biscuit snob!)

Sprinkles ~ Ask for a Pupcake and receive a doggie cupcake  made out of sugar, egg whites, and buttermilk.  They also come in a sugar-free version.  The frosting is made with yogurt!

Starbucks ~ Ask for a Puppuccino and receive a cup with a small amount of espresso and whipped cream.  Not all locations add in the espresso, and I always ask when I order.  My little guy is spazzy enough without adding in espresso

Tim Hortons ~ This is a Canadian based donut shop, but if you are ever traveling, it’s a great place to stop with your pup!  Just request a Doggy Timbit and you will get a sugar-free donut!

Retail Locations

****If any of these stores are within a mall, it is best to call the mall before you go, as many may need to follow mall policy!****

Abercrombie ~ well-behaved doggies only!  

Ann Taylor ~ well behaved-doggies only! 

Anthropologie ~ Super pet-friendly!

Apple Store ~ The store itself is pet-friendly, but if it is inside a mall, it may not be!   They request dogs be leashed and if there is a lot of foot traffic, they will ask you to pick up your dog (not easy with a big pup)  

Banana Republic ~ well-behaved doggies only!

Barnes & Noble ~ Whether or not they are pet-friendly is largely determined by the stores around them. If they have stores close to them that are, they generally are.  Always a good idea to call ahead for your location!

Bass Pro Shop ~ SUPER pet-friendly.  They encourage customers to bring in their pups for training and socialization!

Bath & Body Works ~ Pups like to sniff everything, so what better place to take them!!

Bloomingdale’s  ~ well-behaved doggies only 

Foot Locker ~ They are super pet-friendly!  They allow dogs of all sizes !!  

Half-Price Books ~ well-behaved pups only !

Hobby Lobby ~ Just watch the tails in the decor department !!

Home Depot ~ While most are dog-friendly, you might want to call ahead.  Most who are will have dog treats at the registers for cashiers to hand out!

Lowe’s ~ Their “official policy” states service dogs only, but I’ve never been to one that wasn’t 100% pet-friendly! 

Lumber Liquidators ~ They usually have signs hanging in the front window if they are pet-friendly!  No treats mentioned, but you never know what each location does !

LUSH Cosmetics ~ The cruelty-free company is absolutely pet-friendly!  Feel free to bring your dog along when trying the latest products!

Macy’s ~ Not only are they pet-friendly, but they also donate to the ASPCA!  Feel free to shop with your doggie there!

Michael’s ~  Feeling crafty, but have your buddy with you?  Call ahead and see if they are pet-friendly!  So many are!

Nordstrom ~ They welcome leashed, well behaved pups!  You can even use the hashtag #dogsofnordstrom to show off your pup in the store! 

Old Navy ~ Plenty of space for your pup to walk through!!

PetCo ~ Clearly pet-friendly, but pups need to be leashed and on their best behavior!  They don’t always have treats at the register, but it doesn’t hurt to ask! 

PetSmart ~ Another one that is clearly pet-friendly, just make sure they are on a leash, and on their best behavior!  It’s like a buffet in the treat aisle, very tempting, but not free! 

Pottery Barn ~ This place is pet-friendly, but keep in mind that your pups tail might cost you more at the checkout!

Ross Stores ~ Pet-friendly, but you just might want to call ahead if you have a big doggie, some restrict the size of the dog allowed in!  But they do have a pretty extensive pet department ! 

TJ Maxx ~ well-behaved doggies only!

Tractor Supply Company ~ Very pet-friendly!

Urban Outfitters ~ well-behaved pups only!

 This list is constantly updated, so please feel free to stop back and see what’s new!  If you know any places that are not listed, please leave a comment so that I can add it to the list!   Alternatively, if you find one that is inaccurate, please feel free to leave a comment as well!  

**If you need assistance with your pets, please check this site out ~ ~ they list resources like veterinarians, boarding, food pantries and supplies that are financially-friendly **

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