Saving Money in Lots of Ways

Saving Money

There are so many ways of saving money!  Clipping coupons, apps with digital coupons and offers.. the list goes on … here are a few of my favorite ways! Click on any of the headings below to see how you can save!

Rebate Apps

There are a lot of different rebate apps out there. Some give you cash back, some give points which you can then redeem for gift cards! I’ve compiled a list of the apps I use, but this is by far an incomplete list! New apps pop up all the time, old ones resurface, and honestly, there are just a lot of them out there!

Printable Coupons

SO many companies have done away with coupons in the Sunday paper and opt for either printable or digital! This isn’t a bad option to add in to your Sunday papers to get the most savings! Just make sure you will use the coupons you print, otherwise you pay for ink to get tossed

Subscription Boxes

I understand that most people think this doesn’t fall under “Saving Money” but hear me out! There are lots of savings available from start to continuation of most subscription boxes! Most offer great savings on your first box, or over a period of boxes! And lots of them are setup for the size of your family, pet, or any situation! So you get just what you need, tailored to your liking! 

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