The Kraft Noodle – Springfield, MO

The Kraft Noodle 

The Kraft Noodle is Located at 1951 E. Meadowmere St. in Springfield, MO

 Kraft’s factory in Springfield, MO has a giant noodle right in front of it. The Kraft Noodle!  It turns out that this noodle isn’t unique to Kraft factories, which makes me want to go on a noodle scavenger hunt!

As weird as the noodle is, it’s not even the most unusual thing about the place. Apparently, there are underground cheese caves there.

In reality, it’s a massive underground warehouse that goes about 100 feet deep and covers 3.2 million square feet. It’s used as a cheese warehouse and is home to 50 different companies, including Kraft, Pepsi, and Vital Farms. The temperature down there stays at about 62°F, so it’s definitely quite chilly down in those cheese caves!

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