Lawton, Oklahoma Art Murals

Lawton. Oklahoma Art Murals

While we stayed outside of Lawton, we spent a great deal of time in this town. We found a few Art Murals on our daily travels and decided to investigate further. Turns out there are a LOT of beautiful murals in Lawton!

We tried to find them all, but some simply eluded us! This was our working list, and the pictures are from the ones we found! It was fun to spend a few afternoons driving around checking out the art! Some of them were hard to take pictures of, whether it be it’s actual location (like on the side of the road with no pullover) or because people are parked in the designated parking spots right in front of them!

The Beatles – Let It Be – Phillips Music Co – 107 S Sheridan

Angelina Jolie – Smokin’ Hot – Chief’s Smokin Icehouse – 1801 W Gore

American Mermaid – Yarmuk Scrap Metal – 907 S Railraod Street

Unfortunately we did not get pics of this one, Zach was afraid to drive our tiny car into the scrap yard and pop a tire! This pic is from the brochure!!

Amy Winehouse – Phillips Music Co – 107 S Sheridan

Bison Sunset – 1201 W Gore (there is actually a typo in the brochure, this is the correct location)

Lawton, Oklahoma Art Murals

Bob Marley – Sticky Depot – 707 SW 11th

Brandon Lee ‘The Crow’ – Vaska Theater – 1902 NW Ferris

Cache Road Liquor Spirits – 2002 Cache Road

Cheech & Chong – Sticky Depot – 707 SW 11th

Chief Dan George – Bucks Pawn Shop – 1413 W Lee

Clint Eastwood – Dirty Harry – Sanders Hardware – 1214 NW Cache Road

Clint Eastwood – Spaghetti Western – 401 SW 11th

Cool As Blues Miles Davis – Phillips Music Co – 107 S Sheridan

Crash The Party, Crash Bandicoot – Game King – 2332 W Gore

Dan Crawford Autoplex – 302 SW 2nd

Deadpool – Jackson’s Laundromat – 536 SW 11th

Edward Scissorhands – Vaska Theater – 1902 NW Ferris

E.T. Be Extra – 200 Block of Southeast Wallock

Ephesians 2:8 – Game King – 2332 W Gore

Ferris Bueller ~ 1743 Ferris Avenue



Flying High, Isaiah – Louise D McMahon Memorial Skate Park – SW 38th St & Lee Blvd

Found Him! – Lawton Municipal Swimming Pool – 1401 Sw 11th

Good Bois – Zoom Groom – 910 W Gore

Gummy Gothic – Medical Farm-A-Seed 2115 N Sheridan

Lawton, Oklahoma Art Murals

Hot Rod Takeout – McKenzie’s Burger Garage – 06 NW Dearborn

Hulk: Green Legs & Slam – Chuckie’s Toys – 2415 N Sheridan

Lawton, Oklahoma Art Murals

Imagine – Honest Henry’s Pawn – 401 SW 11th

It’s All About The Books – Lawton Public Library – 110 SW 4th


Jack Nicholson – Chief’s Smokin Ice House – 3150 Cache Road

Jeff Bridges “The Dude”

Jesus – Lovesick Ministries – 1107 SW Summit

John Bender of The Breakfast Club – 215 SE Wallock

Medical Superheroes – Hearts That Care Volunteer Medical Clinic – 1313 W Gore

Mexican Rider – Tu Familia – 111 W Lee

Mortal Comabt – Boulevard Smokehop and Beerhaus 2 – 1001 S Sheridan

Movie Mural – Pulp Fiction,The Godfather,Scarface,Resevoir Dogs,Scooby,Genie,Jessica Rabbit,Tinkerbell – 1902 NW Ferris

Native American Blue – Jim’s Tire Service – 204 SW Summit

Native American in Headdress – Lawton-Fort Sill Arts Council – 1701 NW Ferris

Native American Woman – Cache Road Underpass – Northbound lane Fort Sill Blvd

Unfortunately, we also didn’t find this one 🙁 We drove Cache Road many times, on many different parts, and it eluded us! This is the brochure pic!!

Native American Red/Blue – Jim’s Tire Service – 204 SW Summit

Paul George – Sonrise Super Thrift Store – 602 S Sheridan

Paul Newman ‘The Hustler’ – 1800 Block of SW 11th

Peggy Huggins – Lewis and Horse – Honest Henry’s Pawn – 401 SW 11th

Rambo – Ares State Armory – 2210 W Gore

Ray Charles – Phillips Music Co – 107 S Sheridan

Russell Westbrook – Firefly Cleaners – 1002 SW C

Say Anything – Alley of SW 10th between E and F Avenues

Slide Into Cache Road Square – 3801 Cache Road

This was a drive-by picture 🙁

Snoochie Boochies Jay & Silent Bob – Boulevard Smokehop and Beerhaus – 2601 Fort Sill Blvd

Snoop Dogg – Chief’s Smoking ICe House – 1315 W Lee

Spider-Man – Guys Body Shop – 902 SW 2nd

Superman – Leo & Ken’s Truck Stop – 103 E Lee

Thanos – Shady Lady Liquor Store – 802 SW 11th

The Bent Fork – 2702 West Gore Blvd


The Eagles – Russell’s Donuts – 6518 Cache Road

The Many Hairstyles of Johnny Depp – Crosshair Cuts Barber Shop – 1410 W Gore

Tombstone ‘Say When’ – backside of 200 block of southeast wallock

Tony Stark Iron Man – Shady Lady Liquor Store – 802 SW 11th


Vaska 1: Dr Frank-N-Furter – Vaska Theater – 1902 NW Ferris

Vaska Theater Murals – 1902 NW Ferris

Welcome to Lawton – 4900 Block of Quannah Parker Trailway near junction with WB Cache Road

Wild Horses – 1300 Block of NW 13th St

Another no find 🙁 We circled the blocks a few times and must have just been in the wrong location! Again, this is the brochure pic!

Willie Nelson – Pat’s Wash Tub – 914 W Lee

Last but not least, we found some random murals in Lawton and Cache!  So I thought I would include them here!



Here is a link to the brochure they had available!

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