Things To Do in Nebraska


Things to Do in Nebraska!

If we have visited the location, clicking on the name will take you to our page of pictures (from there you can link to the location’s website)! Otherwise, the link will take you directly to the location’s website! Doesn’t have a link? I simply couldn’t find one 🙂





Boys Town

World’s Largest Ball of Stamps ~ Located inside The Leon Myers Stamp Center



Kool-Aid: Discover The Dream ~ Hastings Museum ~ permanent exhibit about the history of Kool-Aid



World’s Largest Covered Porch Swing



Great Platte River Road Archway ~ The Archway ~ Museum that spans Insterstate 80


North Platte

Fort Cody Trading Post ~ Nebraska’s Largest Trading Post.  Large cutout of Buffalo Bill, jail, wagons, a log cabin, and Muffler Man, among lots of other things to see!

World’s Largest Railroad Classification Yard



Giant Fork with Spaghetti ~ Stile di Famiglia (Family Style) Located at 1115 S. 7th St. May be on private properly, proceed respectfully. 



World’s Largest Time Capsule ~ Set to be opened in 2025! Located at 318 Hillcrest Dr



World’s Largest Collection of Marbles ~ Lee’s Legendary Marble & Collectibles, 3120 S Lincoln Avenue

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