Bus Life Gardening 101

This has been a rough gardening transition.  I am usually really great with houseplants, herbs, vegetables and everything in between.  But Bus life has changed all that   Not for the worse, just for the different.  I need to learn new ways to acclimate my plants under different conditions.

When we left on this journey,  I had 2 plants.  A kalanchoe that a friends daughter had given me, and my beloved Hoya.   The kalanchoe was a bit sad and my hoya was in dire straits.  The hoya had holes in her leaves, and hadn’t done any kind of growing in a very long time.  She was just sick.

Now we have an extensive garden, growing in size a few plants at a time.   Some things have grown fantastically and some have grown into fantastic disasters.   Cilantro and I are no longer speaking


I KNOW we are asking a lot of our plants.  When we are stationary, they are out in the sun (or shade, whichever they prefer) and have the wind blowing through them, and all is dandy.   But then we travel, and they go into the back of the truck that is towed behind the bus.   So life gets pretty dreary for them.  We are switching out trucks in the near future, so upgrading the current one for our needs seems silly.   But, when the switch happens, there will be a cap on the back of the truck that is hinged so the plants can get some sun, we will also have a grow light and mirrors available when the sun isn’t.   It’s a truck, so I feel confident that soaking them down with a hose will do no harm.

We’ve learned what just doesn’t work, cilantro being #1 on that list!   I cannot get that to NOT BOLT!   So sad

Here’s what is still surviving and thriving!




Hoya Carnosa

This little girl has grown so much in the bus.   She had horrible leaves on her, full of breaks and holes.   And maybe there were 3 of them.   They are currently sitting in water in propagation mode.  Roots on it, just waiting for some new pretty leaves before I pluck the yucky ones off.  I’m super excited that she is thriving now!!

Here’s what just doesn’t want to travel!!


So here I got a vine of green cherry tomatoes that just refuse to turn red!  I haven’t given up on them yet tho!   And the little red guy is from my sad compact cherry tomato.  The one with like 3 leaves left on it!   And I pluck a snack from him every few days!  And honestly, I have no idea what that tomato in the fourth picture is doing.  Does it think it’s a Roma (We got it from a plant sale at a humane society and they had no idea what anything was!) Or does it think it’s a pepper because it was hanging out next to one in the truck??   No clue!


Now we have had minimal success with peppers, I’m putting it in the unsuccessful category  because we have gotten 3 peppers, from about 6 plants, so that’s a fail to me ๐Ÿ™


We may have done this one in ourselves by not clipping it properly.   ooops


Clearly not enough sun, we tried but having this one in the back of the truck made it REALLY stretch!! ๐Ÿ™


Seriously, growing all crazy, no sign of actual vegetable growth.   And I’ve never grown it before, so there’s that  ๐Ÿ˜ 



We haven’t given up!  We know this is a learning process and it will take some time for us to figure out which varieties of vegetables work best in our crazy conditions!  We eat a lot of vegetables and would love to be able to grow our own! So back to basics.  Back to gardening 101

We plan on pulling what isn’t working and starting over with new varieties of vegetables and different ones altogether.   I’d love to have a 100% success rate, but for now I’m willing to continue the search for the perfect plants to adapt to our environment!

Up next …Propagation Station Overhaul!   This is a MESS!!  I have prop stations everywhere inside.   In jars, glass milk jugs, butter containers.

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