Part 1 ~ The Way Will Appear

For most of my life, I felt like I was on a perpetual non-journey journey.   Moving, but going nowhere.   I have a fantastic Aunt that always says to step out on the way, and the way will appear.

Well…. Back in January, I met this really great guy at a mutual friends house.

He had come to stay in his Skoolie before an event .

We ended up going to the event together, and the way appeared

We left on our Journey to Michigan on March 28th, 2022.   Him in his bus, and me following in my SUV.  I had to fit everything I was taking completely in that vehicle!   That was a challenge, but in the end I donated a LOT, purged through boxes that had been boxed for years, and in the end it felt amazing to do! 

⇓⇓ It all had to fit in THIS !! ⇓⇓

Our first stop was in Jessup, Georgia.  We intended to stay a few days, but it turned into a week after we had to do a little cat rescue.   We had to make the trek back to Florida (350+ miles  😕 ) to get my cat, who was left behind by another nomad.

Our next stop was Columbus, Georgia.   During this time, we realized that me driving behind him wasn’t working.  We were traveling together, yet apart, and it was costing us extra in gas at a time when gas prices suck!!!  So Again, another “few day stop” that turned into a week+ to get a seat in the bus for me!   But in Zach’s defense, he built me this amazing seat for the bus (along with the help of another member of the Skoolie community) .

Now earlier I joked about downsizing all I had into my SUV.  Now I had to downsize into his already full bus!   I challenged myself to one drawer in a medium sized dresser.  I absolutely succeeded.  I packed ALL of my clothes in that drawer and donated the rest.   All of my kitchen items got donated since he has a fully equipped kitchen and a full size range.   I have one under the bed storage tote for sentimental items.   In the last 3 years I’ve gone from a 2800+ square foot house to sharing 200 square foot of living space.  Was it easy?  Heck no!   I was sooooo attached to my junk at first.   Storage unit after storage unit just to keep it.  For no purpose.   Because it’s all just stuff.   So I packed my SUV and headed to the local Goodwill and brought in bins of stuff to them!    It felt liberating!  And to this day, there is not one thing that I said, “shoot, I wish I kept that!”

 Okay, Maybe my lemon zester!!  😆 

Finally headed out and made our way to Faulkville, Alabama.   And yet again, a few days turned into a week.   Bus upgrade to the rearend gearing took a little longer than anticipated, but in order to actually make it up the hills in Michigan, a change was definitely needed!

The next month sucked.  Simply put, it sucked.   Our stays were rough, our cats weren’t always safe outside the bus, noise levels were insane.   We were bummed, because we made it to Michigan,  but it was a complete letdown up until this point.

We finally made it to what we thought was a safe haven, and it had been mostly good.  Quiet, on the lake (kinda), and our animals were safe.   We just stayed longer than we should have.   We got a little comfortable, and planned on heading out on the road after 3 months of being parked.  

We found some amazing trails to hike and ride through, cute shops, and met some great people!   We learned a lot about ourselves during this stay, so in the end, worth the stop.

We have an ENTIRE freaking garden, greenhouse included.   So, now I’m going to have to work on keeping flowers, herbs and vegetables alive on the road.   We stop for a while at most locations, but there are stretches of driving that take days.

We are heading to an event in the UP in Michigan.   We have about a month to get there.   So we plan on putting our adventure into high gear and hitting some trails.   Either on foot, or on our electric toys.

Stay tuned for more of the journey!  Including a Skoolie Event and an EUC (Electric Unicycle) Event!   Should be interesting to see what we find to explore in the future!

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