Part 3 ~ Our Journey Continues In St Louis, MO

Sometimes in the journey, you need a few days break from the drive!   So we decided to take a few days and explore St Louis, MO.

Our first stop was at Anheuser-Busch for a quick tour and tasting (we don’t drink, so we shared ours with others) It was a pretty entertaining tour, our tour guide was fun!  We got bottles “off the line” to take home, but we just poured out the beer and kept the bottles to use as prop stations ๐Ÿ™‚

Oh, and the pretzels were amazing!  I’m a BIG fan of soft pretzels, so I’m super picky.   I’d buy these again, even if it cost me $8 for those alone !!  Check out more pics here (BEER)


Our next stop was The World’s Largest Chess Piece ๐Ÿ˜†  It was fairly close, so we stopped and took some quick pics! You can check them out here (CHESS)

And well from there we did one of my favorite things ~ we toured a CHOCOLATE FACTORY!!!  We had the pleasure of touring Chocolate! Chocolate! Chocolate!  The tour was awesome, our guide really did know his stuff, and the tasting was my favorite part!  Check out more pics here (CHOCOLATE)

Whew!  We were sightseeing freaks for a while there!  OH WAIT, we weren’t done ! 

We headed over to Herbaria for a tour of their factory too!   This was a very small shop that started in someone’s kitchen, so it was really nice to see a hometown store tour!  The place smelled heavenly too ๐Ÿ™‚  See more of our pics here (SOAP)


We were exhausted but had one more stop in mind.   A repurpose store.  It’s a thing.  We need to stop.   We can’t help ourselves.  Especially when they turn out to be a hidden gem.  We’ve come across a few, but this one was pretty cool too!

Check it out here ~ Refab ~ there are some pics, plus a link to their site! It’s pretty amazing in there!!

We called it quits in St Louis after our few days of sightseeing!   It was fun and we found some really unique places to shop as well!  But it was time to say “See ya, St Louis!”

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