Part 2 ~ Bus Life and Internet Issues

Bus Life sometimes means 🚫💻🚫

Bus Life ! For the past 3+ months we have been traveling around the Midwest.  And for me, that meant having very sketchy service, if any at all! So I’m going to do a catch up to our almost current location all in one post. 

Back in August, we left The Mitten of Michigan and headed to the Upper Peninsula (UP). 

~Check out Our Michigan Page to see what we were up to in The Mitten!~

Bus Life Woes

  Unfortunately, one of our three cats (Scabbers) escaped the bus while it was running (a BIG no-no as this usually scares them from coming back).  We tried for hours to get him.  HOURS.   Fortunately we had been in that location for a few months and had made some friends. 

We weren’t going far the first night, in fact we just went about 15 miles away.   So we left for the night to get the bus parked and secured, and headed back in the morning.  Again, failing to catch him.   This had been an ongoing issue with him since he got a rocky start on the road (he was traveling temporarily with someone else who left him behind)  It took Zach a very, very long time to convince me to leave without Scabbers. 

But we did.  

And headed to the Skoolie UP event.  We left our carrier, one of my sweatshirts, food, and his bowl.  And the people we met while there were going to be there until the end of the season and were going to catch him for us.

IT TOOK THREE WEEKS!!!!  It was the longest three weeks of our lives.  I have had that cat since birth, and I was really missing him. 

This cat is a unique dude.  He plays with our dogs, Louie and Jemma.  And I don’t mean he bats their tails when they walk by, I mean he BITES them, and then roughhouse right back!!  It’s hilarious.  He’s our CatDog.  Here’s a little video of the “three dogs” at play 😆


But they finally got him in our carrier.   So We left the event early to go get him and get moving southwest.   Our plans were to be in Arkansas in September, and we just wanted to get going. 

We were so happy to see him.  Tears were shed.  Our other pets were happy to see him.  Well, maybe not Heddy, his sister.  She hissed at him when she saw him.   Maybe she was yelling at him about taking off like that.  

Bus Life

But we got him, so we left on our journey.  First stop after we had our full house back was Kalamazoo to see some friends.  While there we did bus work.  Just a bunch of random things we had been talking about for a while.  Zach replaced some parts on my seat and I made the bus more travel ready. 

We also visited a lovely Arboretum (Leila Arboretum)

From there we stopped for an overnight in Hudson, Illinois. 

While we were there, I was poking around for something to do.  We had some down time, and I didn’t want to spend it in the bus.  Well, The World’s Largest Square Knot popped up as being a few miles away.  We went to go check it out, but to our disappointment, we found no knot, just a plaque.  

Bus Life 

But an idea was born.   The World’s Largest …whatever.  

World’s Largest Bus Life ? 

A few weeks before this, Zach had gotten me an electric scooter.  One that I could go off road with.  Well, I took a pic of me on it and sent it to my 15 year old daughter.  Who said I looked “TINY”.  

Well.. my response was “My size is just a figment of your imagination, and I am, in fact, quite tiny.  Like an Oompa Loompa”    She had also just given me a pair of huge round glasses, white, with rose tinted lenses.   So, The World’s Largest Journey began!  (you can check that out here!)

And from Hudson we set our sights on St Louis , MO where we had a TON of stuff planned!!   Stay tuned for that journey next week!

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