Things To Do in Arkansas


Things to Do in Arkansas!

If we have visited the location, clicking on the name will take you to our page of pictures (from there you can link to the location’s website)! Otherwise, the link will take you directly to the location’s website! Doesn’t have a link? I simply couldn’t find one 🙂



A To Z Supply

 Memorial to one of Bonnie & Clyde’s Victims (Henry Humphrey)

 World’s Largest Spinach CanPopeye’s Garden


Arkansas Post

Arkansas Post National Memorial ~ Arkansas Post is the Oldest City in Arkansas



Memory Lane Museum

Huge Homemade Razorback ~ Located on private property. Coordinates are 36.3819, -93.5952. 



Billy Tripp’s Mindfield



Blowing Cave ~ This cave’s legends says it is the entrance to a secret world where human-like beings live.  There is a waterfall inside the cave. 


Eureka Springs

Christ of the Ozarks


Fort Smith

Mr. Peanut Statue (30′ tall)

World’s Largest Christmas Pickle


Hot Springs

World’s Largest Miniature Display

 Hot Springs Secret Cave National Park


Little Rock

All Aboard Restaurant & Grill ~ Food delivered by train

The Big Damn Bridge

First Human Dissection Monument

H.U. Lee International Gate and Garden ~ 80-ton Gate

The Lorax Tree Carving ~ Located at 2324 Rock St

Mini Statue of Liberty

Trail of the Whispering Giants Totem #13 “Love is Life”



World’s Longest Barbecue on Wheels ~ Located at Big Boy Toys, 1499 US-82



Former World’s Smallest Library ~ Norman Square Library ~ measures 14’x14′. Located at 255 East Main Street



Mount Magazine State Park



World’s Largest Raven ~ Located at 184 AR-90



Mammoth Orange Cafe



World’s Largest BB Gun

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