World’s Largest Fork by Mass

 The World’s Largest Fork by Mass  is located at 2215 W. Chesterfield St, Springfield, MO

(also listed as the World’s Second Largest Fork by height)

While we were in Springfield, we came across the World’s Largest Fork by Mass. This fork was amazing! It’s huge, really tall, and very impressive!

It was just standing in front of an office building without any clear reason, which was a bit odd, but also kind of awesome. After some digging, I found out why it is located there! Keep reading to find out!


Interesting Facts about The World’s Second Largest Fork

It stands 35′ Tall

Weighs 11,000 pounds!

In 1998 the fork stood in front of a restaurant on South Glenstone. The restaurant failed, unfortunately! After that, the Noble and Associates Ad agency trucked the fork across town to their new building and it has been there since. 

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